we insist on a letter of credit.


as i've said, we require payment by l/c.


we still intend to use letter of credit as the term of payment.


we always require l/c for our exports.


l/c at sight is normal for our exports to france.


we pay by l/c for our imports.


our terms of payment is confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit.


you must be aware that an irrevocable l/c gives the exporter the additional protection of banker's guarantee.


is the wording of "confirmed" necessary for the letter of credit?


for payment we require 100% value, irrevocable l/c in our favour with partial shipment allowed clause available by draft at sight.


what do you say to 50% by l/c and the balance by d/p?


please notify us of l/c number by telex immediately.


the beneficiary of the l/c is to be china national corporation, beijing.


will you please increase the credit to $1000?


the credit is short opened to the amount of rmb100.


your l/c no. 48 is short of $29.


many banks in europe are in a position to open l/c and effect payment in renminbi.


i open a letter of credit in renminbi with a bank in u.s.a.


the barclays bank in london is in a position to open letters of credit in renminbi against our sales confirmation or contract.


when do i have to open the letter of credit?


when can you arrange for a credit under the new import license?


please open letter of credit in good time.


we'll open the letter of credit at sight.


i agree to use letter of credit at sight.


is the credit at sight or after sight?


our letter of credit will be opened early march.


we'll open the credit one month before shipment.


please open the l/c 20 to 30 days before the date of delivery.


this letter of credit expires on 15th july.


the validity of the l/c will be extended to 30th august.


will you persuade your customer to arrange for a one-month extension of l/c no.td204?


to do so, you could save bank charges for opening an l/c.


it's expensive to open an l/c because we need to put a deposit in the bank.


we pay too much for such a letter of credit arrangement.


there will be bank charges in connection with the credit.


a letter of credit would increase the cost of my import.


the seller will request to amend the letter of credit.


please amend l/c no.205 as follows.


your refusal to amend the l/c is equivalent to cancellation of the order.


letter of credit (l/c) 信用證

form of credit 信用證形式

terms of validity 信用證效期

expiry date 效期

date of issue 開證日期

l/c amount 信用證金額

l/c number 信用證號碼

to open by airmail 信開

to open by cable 電開

to open by brief cable 簡電開證

to amend l/c 修改鎢制品出口信用證

fixed l/c or fixed amount l/c 有固定金額的信用證

sight l/c 即期信用證

usance l/c 遠期信用證

buyer's usance l/c 買方遠期信用證

traveler's l/c 旅行信用證

revocable l/c 可撤消的信用證

irrevocable l/c 不可撤消的信用證

confirmed l/c 保兌的信用證

unconfirmed l/c 不保兌的鎢制品出口信用證

confirmed irrevocable l/c 保兌的不可撤消信用證

irrevocable unconfirmed l/c 不可撤消不保兌的信用證

transferable l/c 可轉讓信用證

untransferable l/c 不可轉讓信用證

revolving l/c 循環信用證

reciprocal l/c 對開信用證

back to back l/c 背對背信用證

countervailing credit (俗稱)子證

overriding credit 母證

banker's acceptance l/c 銀行承兌信用證

trade acceptance l/c 商業承兌信用證

red clause l/c 紅條款信用證

anticipatory l/c 預支信用證

credit payable by a trader 商業付款信用證

credit payable by a bank 銀行付款信用證

usance credit payment at sight 假遠期信用證

uniform customs and practice for documentary credits 跟單信用證統壹慣例
i.c.c. publication no.400 第400號出版物

credit with t/t reimbursement clause 帶有電報索彙條款的鎢制品出口信用證

method of reimbursement 索彙方法

without recourse 不受追索

opening bank' name & signature 開證行名稱及簽字

beneficiary 受益人

guarantor 保證人

exporter's bank 出口方銀行

importer's bank 進口方銀行

seller's bank 賣方銀行

buyer's bank 買方銀行

paying bank 付款行,彙入行

remitting bank 彙出行

opening bank 開證行

issuing bank 開證行

advising bank通知行

notifying bank 通知行

negotiating bank 議付行

drawee bank 付款行

confirming bank 保兌行

presenting bank 提示行

transmitting bank 轉遞行

accepting bank 承兌行

additional words and phrases

pay bearer 付給某人

bearer 來人

payer 付款人

consignee 受托人

consignor 委托人

drawer 出票人

principal 委托人

drawee 付款人

consingnee 受托人

truster 信托人

acceptor 承兌人

trustee 被信托人

endorser 背書人

discount 貼現

endorsee 被背書人

endorse 背書

holder 持票人

endorsement 背書

bailee 受托人,代保管人

payment against documents 憑單付款

payment against documents through collection 憑單托收付款

payment by acceptance 承兌付款

payment by bill 憑彙票付款

letter of guarantee (l/g) 保證書

bank guarantee銀行保函

contract guarantee 鎢制品合約保函

payment guarantee 付款保證書

repayment guarantee 還款保證書

import guarantee 進口保證書

tender/bid guarantee投標保證書

performance guarantee 履約保證書

retention money guarantee 保留金保證書

documents of title to the goods 物權憑證

authority to purchase (a/p) 委托購買證

letter of indication 印鑒核對卡

letter of hypothecation 質押書

general letter of hypothecation 總質押書