Packing List and Weight List

1.packing list deatiling the complete inner packing specification and contents of each package載明每件貨物之內部包裝的規格和內容的裝箱單

2.packing list detailing… 詳注……的裝箱單

3.packing list showing in detail… 注明……細節的裝箱單

4.weight list 鎢制品重量單

5.weight notes 磅碼單(重量單)

6.detailed weight list 明細重量單

7.we----Other Documents

1. full tet of forwarding agents' cargo receipt 全套運輸行所出具之貨物承運收據

2.air way bill for goods condigned to…quoting our credit number 以……爲收貨人,注明本證號碼的鎢制品空運貨單

3.parcel post receipt 郵包收據

4.Parcel post receipt showing parcels addressed to…a/c accountee 郵包收據注明收件人:通過……轉交開證人

5.parcel post receipt evidencing goods condigned to…and quoting our credit number 以……爲收貨人並注明本證號碼的郵包收據

6.certificate customs invoice on form 59A combined certificate of value and origin for developing countries 適用于發展中國家的包括價值和産地證明書的格式59A海關發票證明書

7.pure foods certificate 純食品證書

8.combined certificate of value and Chinese origin 價值和中國産地聯合證明書

9.a declaration in terms of FORM 5 of New Zealand forest produce import and export and regultions 1966 or a declaration FORM the exporter to the effect that no timber has been used in the packing of the goods, either declaration may be included on certified customs invoice 依照1966年新西蘭林木産品進出口法格式5條款的聲明或出口人關于貨物非用木器包裝的實績聲明,該聲明也可以在鎢制品海關發票中作出證明

10.Canadian custtoms invoice(revised form)all signed in ink showing fair market value in currency of country of export 用出口國貨幣標明本國市場售價,並進行筆簽的加拿大海關發票(修訂格式)

11.Canadian import declaration form 111 fully signed and completed 完整簽署和填寫的格式111加拿大進口聲明書
----The Stipulation for Shipping Terms

1. loading port and destinaltion裝運港與目的港

(1)despatch/shipment from Chinese port to… 從中國港口發送/裝運往……

(2)evidencing shipment from China to…CFRby steamer in transit Saudi Arabia not later than 15th July, 1987 of the goods specified below 列明下面的貨物按成本加運費價格用輪船不得遲于1987年7月15日從中國通過沙特阿拉伯裝運到……

2.date of shipment 裝船期

(1)bills of lading must be dated not later than August 15, 1987 提單日期不得遲于1987年8月15日

(2)shipment must be effected not later than(or on)July 30,1987 貨物不得遲于(或于)1987年7月30日裝運

(3)shipment latest date… 最遲裝運日期:……

(4)evidencing shipment/despatch on or before… 列明貨物在…年…月…日或在該日以前裝運/發送

(5)from China port to … not later than 31st August, 1987 不遲于1987年8月31日從中國港口至……

3.partial shipments and transhipment 分運與轉運

(1)partial shipments are (not) permitted (不)允許分運

(2)partial shipments (are) allowed (prohibited) 准許(不准)分運

(3)without transhipment 不允許轉運 (4)transhipment at Hongkong allowed 允許在香港轉船

(5)partial shipments are permissible, transhipment is allowed except at… 允許分運,除在……外允許轉運 (6)partial/prorate shipments are perimtted 允許分運/按比例裝運

(7)transhipment are permitted at any port against, through B/lading 憑聯運提單允許在任何港口轉運
Date & Address of Expiry
1. valid in…for negotiation until… 在……議付至……止

2.draft(s) must be presented to the negotiating(or drawee)bank not later than…彙票不得遲于……交議付行(受票行)

3.expiry date for presention of documents… 交單滿期日

4.draft(s) must be negotiated not later than…彙票要不遲于……議付

5.this L/C is valid for negotiation in China (or your port) until 15th, July 1977 本證于1977年7月15日止在中國議付有效

6.bills of exchange must be negotiated within 15 days from the date of bills of lading but not later than August 8, 1977 彙票須在提單日起15天內議付,但不得遲于1977年8月8日

7.this credit remains valid in China until 23rd May, 1977(inclusive) 本證到1977年5月23日爲止,包括當日在內在中國有效

8.expiry date August 15, 1977 in country of beneficiary for negotiation 于1977年8月15日在受益人國家議付期滿

9.draft(s) drawn under this credit must be presented for negoatation in China on or before 30th August, 1977 根據本證項下開具的彙票須在1977年8月30日或該日前在中國交單議付

10.this credit shall cease to be available for negotiation of beneficairy's drafts after 15th August, 1977 本證將在1977年8月15日以後停止議付受益人之彙票

11.expiry date 15th August, 1977 in the country of the beneficiary unless otherwise 除非另有規定,(本證)于1977年8月15日受益人國家滿期

12.draft(s) drawn under this credit must be negotiation in China on or before August 12, 1977 after which date this credit expires 憑本證項下開具的彙票要在1977年8月12日或該日以前在中國議付,該日以後本證失效

13.expiry (expiring) date… 滿期日……

14.…if negotiation on or before… 在……日或該日以前議付

15.negoation must be on or before the 15th day of shipment 自裝船日起15天或之前議付

16.this credit shall remain in force until 15th August 197 in China 本證到1977年8月15日爲止在中國有效

17.the credit is available for negotiation or payment abroad until… 本證在國外議付或付款的日期到……爲止

18.documents to be presented to negotiation bank within 15 days after shipment 單據需在裝船後15天內交給議付行

19.documents must be presented for negotiation within…days after the on board date of bill of lading/after the date of issuance of forwarding agents' cargo receipts 單據需在已裝船提單/運輸行簽發之貨物承運收據日期後……天內提示議付

The Guarantee of the Opening Bank

1. we hereby engage with you that all drafts drawn under and in compliance with the terms of this credit will be duly honored 我行保證及時對所有根據本鎢制品出口信用證開具、並與其條款相符的彙票兌付

2.we undertake that drafts drawn and presented in conformity with the terms of this credit will be duly honoured 開具並交出的彙票,如與本證的條款相符,我行保證依時付款

3.we hereby engage with the drawers, endorsers and bona-fide holders of draft(s) drawn under and in compliance with the terms of the credit that such draft(s) shall be duly honoured on due presentation and delivery of documents as specified (if drawn and negotiated with in the validity date of this credit) 凡根據本證開具與本證條款相符的彙票,並能按時提示和交出本證規定的單據,我行保證對出票人、背書人和善意持有人承擔付款責任(須在本證有效期內開具彙票並議付)

4.provided such drafts are drawn and presented in accordance with the terms of this credit, we hereby engage with the drawers, endorsors and bona-fide holders that the said drafts shall be duly honoured on presentation 凡根據本證的條款開具並提示彙票,我們擔保對其出票人、背書人和善意持有人在交單時承兌付款

5.we hereby undertake to honour all drafts drawn in accordance with the terms of this credit 所有按照本條款開具的彙票,我行保證兌付


In Reimbursement

1.instruction to the negotiation bank 議付行注意事項

(1)the amount and date of negotiation of each draft must be endorsed on reverse hereof by the negotiation bank 每份彙票的議付金額和日期必須由議付行在本證背面簽注

(2)this copy of credit is for your own file, please deliver the attached original to the beneficaries 本證副本供妳行存檔,請將隨附之正本遞交給受益人

(3)without you confirmation thereon (本證)無需妳行保兌

(4)documents must be sent by consecutive airmails 單據須分別由連續航次郵寄(注:即不要將兩套或數套單據同壹航次寄出)

(5)all original documents are to be forwarded to us by air mail and duplicate documents by sea-mail 全部鎢制品單據的正本須用航郵,副本用平郵寄交我行

(6)please despatch the first set of documents including three copies of commercial invoices direct to us by registered airmail and the second set by following airmail 請將包括3份商業發票在內的第壹套單據用挂號航郵經寄我行,第二套單據在下壹次航郵寄出

(7)original documents must be snet by Registered airmail, and duplicate by subsequent airmail 單據的正本須用挂號航郵寄送,副本在下壹班航郵寄送

(8)documents must by sent by successive (or succeeding) airmails 單據要由連續航郵寄送

(9)all documents made out in English must be sent to out bank in one lot 用英文繕制的所有單據須壹次寄交我行

2.method of reimbursement 索償辦法

(1)in reimbursement, we shall authorize your Beijing Bank of China Head Office to debit our Head Office RMB Yuan account with them, upon receipt of relative documents 償付辦法,我行收到有關鎢制品單據後,將授權妳北京總行借記我總行在該行開立的人民幣帳戶

(2)in reimbursement draw your own sight drafts in sterling on…Bank and forward them to our London Office, accompanied by your certificate that all terms of this letter of credit have been complied with 償付辦法,由妳行開出英鎊即期彙票向……銀行支取。在寄送彙票給我倫敦辦事處時,應隨附妳行的證明,聲明本證的全部條款已經履行

(3)available by your draft at sight payable by us in London on the basis to sight draft on New York 憑妳行開具之即期彙票向我行在倫敦的機構索回票款,票款在紐約即期兌付

(4)in reimbursement, please claim from our RMB¥ account held with your banking department Bank of China Head Office Beijing with the amount of your negotiation 償付辦法,請在北京總行我人民幣帳戶中索回妳行議付之款項

(5)upon presentation of the documents to us, we shall authorize your head office backing department by airmail to debit the proceeds to our foreign business department account 壹俟向我行提交單證,我行將用航郵授權妳總行借記我行國外營業部帳戶

(6)after negotiation, you may reimburse yourselves by debiting our RMB¥ account with you, please forward all relative documents in one lot to us by airmail 議付後請借記我行在妳行開立的人民幣帳戶,並將全部有關單據用航郵壹次寄給我行

(7)all bank charges outside U.K. are for our principals account, but must claimed at the time of presentation of documents 在英國境外發生的所有銀行費用,應由開證人負擔,但須在提交單據是索取

(8)negotiating bank may claim reimbursement by T.T. on the…bank certifying that the credit terms have been complied with 議付行須證明本證條款已旅行,並按電彙條款向……銀行索回貨款

(9)negotiating bank are authorized to reimburse themselves to amount of their negotiation by redrawing by airmail at sight on…bank attaching to the reimbursement draft their certificate stating that all terms of the credit have been complied with and that the original and duplicate drafts and documents have been forwarded to us by consecutive airmail 議付行用航郵向……銀行重開壹份即期彙票索取議付條款。索償彙票須附上證明,聲明本證所有條款已履行,鎢制品單據的正副本已由連續航次寄交我行。