A: We've noticed that your orders have been falling off lately, haven't you?


B:That's because we have switched to made-up goods market.


A:Is there anything I can book for you now?


B:What we can order from you right now are cotton goods.



Please following items to be way express shipping bill us. Executed in accordance with the conditions of 2% -30 days ". A dozen $ 12.00 $ 20.40 4 tungsten rod tungsten wire. 2 dozen tungsten electrode $ 72.00. 5 boxes of tungsten target of $ 20.00. Total $ 122.40.




Please use the car as soon as the shipment of the following items: expenses credited to our account. 15 pounds of tungsten blocks $ 4.50. 12 hit Packed tungsten darts $ 36.00. 20 tungsten rods $ 10.00. A total of $ 50.50



Yesterday I was in phone contact following Order now for further confirmation. 4 cutter, tungsten steel grinding machines, 15 sets of tungsten electrode grinder.



Today to have received the the tungsten material samples, thank you. Follow the 2602 orders shipped enclosed herewith.



The Company's August 12 telex, now on tungsten products supplier electrical cardioversion. Since last year, the high demand for goods on surgery. The Company is unable to undertake the orders, we are unable to offer your company requires. Future once the new supply, the Company will be when immediate contact with your company. If you need other tungsten products, please let us know.



Thank you for your order no.458 for tin plate sheets which we received today. We regret that, owing to a shortage of stock, we are unable to fill your order. Moreover, our manufacturers cannot undertake to entertain your order for future delivery owing to the uncertain availability of raw materials. We will, however, contact you by telex once supply improves. In the meantime, please feel free to send us your specific enquiries for other types of metal sheets. You can assured of our best attention at all times.



March 6 letter had been received, and heard that you are satisfied with the ship transported via the Blue tungsten products, and orders, deeply grateful. Order too much, the company Sorry temporarily unable to accept new orders of tungsten products. We will keep your company's orders, to accept new orders as soon as that telex. And inventory are enclosing the Company for reference. To order any of the goods, please inform the required quantity, style and size of the goods, and the Company's semi-happy to help you.



We are pleased to acknowledge your letter of 6 March informing us that you are satisfied with our ladies tights shipped to you per SS Blue Seas. We also note that you wish to place a repeat order. We regret that we cannot at present entertain any new orders for Baletto ladies' tights owing to heavy orders. We are, however, keeping your order before us. As soon as we are in a position to accept new orders, we will contact you by telex. With regard to stock lines, we are enclosing a list for your information. Should you be interested in any of these, please let us know your requirements, stating quantity, style and sizes.


Free Carrier (named place)


Free Alongside Ship (named port of shipment)


Free On Board (named port of shipment)


Cost & Freight (named port of destination)


Cost, Insurance and Freight (named port of destination)